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A lot of reasons why people decide to own a sheepadoodle. Sheepadoodle are known for their wildly thick low-shedding coats. Then, they are also affectionate. Nevertheless, they are not overly dependent. If we compare this breed with a purebred Old English Sheepdog, Sheepadoodle is healthier. They are intelligent as well and their intelligence make them easy to be trained. Sheepadoodle is also very friendly and can be a watch dog but not as territorial as a purebred Old English Sheepdog. If you have kids or another animals at your home, it will not be a problem, because this breed are known for being outstanding with kids and also very friendly to the other animals.

As we always say that we have to buy a dog from a reputable breeder. In Colorado, there is a breeder that can breed some types of dog including sheepadoodle. It is ACC Ranch. ACC stands for Assisi’s Country Critters. The name is a tribute to St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of the animal kingdom. So, you can get Sheepadoodles from ACC Ranch. You can go through their site and you will see that their dogs and mixes are hypoallergenic with the exception of the Hunting Lines. They breed non-shedding purebreds and crosses from 4 to 100 pounds. They breed Yorkies, Poodles, Bichons, Wheatons, Sheepadoodles, Tibetan Terriers, Whoodles, Ttoodles, Mini Whoodles, Yorkie Poos, YoChons, BichPoos, Havanese, Chonzers, Havanese crosses, Lhasa Poos, Mini and Toy Labradoodles, Schnauzers, Schnoodles, and Mini Poodles. You can see their photos in the Puppies page in the site. ACC Ranch are Colorado State Licensed and AKC inspected and they are proudly breeding family pets for over 12 years.

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ACC Ranch and Kennels is a ranch that is 100 acre in the scenic Bijou basin, and it is located about 30 minutes north of Colorado Springs and about one hour and a half southeast of Denver. Besides dog, they also have the other animals at the ranch such as cows, horses, llamas, cats, and alpacas. ACC Ranch began with German Shorthaired Pointers years ago and have built up a great line of hunting dogs and companions. Now, they have 5 breeding females and breed each once per year. ACC Ranch specialize in breeding great quality non-shed pets. Even though all of the dogs are top of the line, and can be show dogs, ACC Ranch breed primarily for temperament, intelligence and health. Their puppies go to the new homes very well adjusted, adaptable and true lover dogs. A lot of people like the doodles because they assume that those dogs are hypoallergenic and non-shed. So, they began breeding non-shed to non-shed dog to guarantee non-shed in the offspring. If one parent which sheds and one which does not, a non-shed dog can not be guaranteed.

If you want to know the Sheepadoodles cost in ACC Ranch, you have to contact them. In the website of ACC Ranch, you will not find ‘Buy Now’ button or ‘Puppy Application’ because they will not sell their puppies to just anyone before you visit the ranch. In addition, before you put a deposit on a puppy, they also need to have a phone conversation with you first to make sure that their puppies go to great homes.

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