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Sheepadoodle is a dog that is result from pairing between an Old English Sheepdog and a Standard Poodle. This dog can be medium to a large dog. They usually will reach 13 to 27 inches in height and 45 to 80 pounds in weight. Their lifespan is about 12 to 15 years. Their color can vary from white, black, gray, silver and tan. They have a square head and droopy ears and also a sturdy but compact build. His face has feathering and her muzzle is black. His eyes are almond shaped and his coat can be long, curly to wavy and soft to wiry as well. He is gorgeous, isn’t he?

Besides because of their gorgeous look, people also love to keep this breed because of his temperament. Sheepadoodle is known as an affectionate, playful and intelligent dog. He is also loyal and loves being with family members. He can be calm, sweet and very sociable. Then, he is a dog that is easy to trained as well. Even so, never leave a sheepadoodle alone in long time periods because it can make this breed destructive. If you are now looking for a sheepadoodle breeder, Lawpdoodle K9 manor can be one of your choices. To see the Lawpdoodle K9 Manor reviews, you can visit their page in facebook or visit their website at

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The breeder that was built in 2008 has a mission to breed healthy puppies with wonderful temperaments to carry joy and a lot of years of memories to loving families wanting to share their lives with the gift of God of man’s Best Friend. According to their website, the deposit for all puppies is $300 and $312 via PayPal and you can buy sheepadoodles for $1500 either for male or female. For final payment of the balance, less the deposit of $300, is due in check or cash prior to or when the puppy that you want goes home. If you pay the balance via PayPal, you will pay 4% transaction fee to that final balance. Sales tax that is 6% will be charged on the full purchase price for all puppies that are picked up at our home or residents of West Virginia. Well, if you want to deposit to hold your puppy, you can visit the site to get more information in detail and send your email to

Talk about a crossbreed, people often want to have the breed in a mini variation and it happens to sheepadoodle. If a standard sheepadoodle can reach 50 lbs or more, then miniature sheepadoodle usually will reach 25 to 45 lbs. One of breeders that specialize mini sheepadoodles is Once Upon A Doodle. If you are curious and interested, you can visit their website. Besides, there is also Feathers and Fleece. There, you can find Micro Mini Sheepadoodle, Mini Standard Sheepadoodles, Standard Sheepadoodles, Silver Sheepadoodles, and Tri Color Sheepadoodles. You can check their size and also the price in the site. If you are interested, you can deposit $200.00.

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