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When we decide to have a pet at home, it means that we are also ready to take care them. Everything that the pet needs, we have to give to them such as good food, training, affection, bathing and many more. If your pet is a dog with thick coat, one of the things that you have to give is grooming. Each Sheepadoodle will have different grooming because each of them may have different type of coat. Some of them may have the curly, almost non-shedding single-layer coat of the Poodle. Then, some others may have the thick, heavily shedding double-coat of the Sheepdog. Even there are also Sheepadoodles which have something between that mixes. So, we need to know the kind of coat of our Sheepadoodle.

If the Sheepadoodle’s coat is Poodle-curly but has the under-and overcoats of Sheepdog, you need to brush them a lot. If their coat is a Sheepdog-looking double-coat but does not seem to shed much, you need to brush or comb them on a nearly daily basis. So, to make your Sheepadoodle keep in a long coat, you have to work hard. You need to brush your dog 5 to 10 minutes a day by using a good pin brush which does not have balls on the end of the pins and or a good medium size bristle brush. To keep your dog mat free, it is recommended for you to use some different combs, brushes and rakes once a week and you have to completely go over your dog from head to toe. When you brush your dog, make sure that you use a good leave in conditioner or detangler.

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It will help with tangles and small mats and keep the coat of your dogs from getting too much breakage. Make sure you always brush and remove mats before bathing your dog. For bathing, you can bath your dog in bath up and use slightly warm water. Then, use a whitening shampoo to keep the coat of your dog white. To help keep the beard of your dog white, you can also make a paste of cornstarch, water and a little lemon juice and leave on until it dries and after that, brush or wash it out. Then, get a good blow dryer and do not use the hot setting for drying your dog.

Toe pads, ears and also nails are also very important to keep trimmed. You can remove the hair of your dog the inside of their ears at least 6 times a year by using hemostats, scissors and ear powder. If you live in an area that the dogs mat easily due to weather conditions, you can shave your dog 2 to 3 times a year. If you wonder why the coat of your dog changing from black to reddish or brownish. It is named “sun bleaching” or “sunning” and it happens because your dog is exposed to the outdoors. If your dog experience this thing, you cannot do anything. However, you can trim or shave the coat of your dog to remove the bleached coloring.

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