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Sheepadoodle is an adorable dog. Their gorgeous look with their thick coat will make you want to cuddle them. For your information, this dog is not a pure dog, but it is a mixed of Poodle and Sheepdog. Same as the other cross breeds, this breed also can inherit the best traits of its parents. This dog is originated in the U.S. as the US Army which is developed in 1960 as a military police dog. Because this dog is a hybrid, this dog is not recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, this breed is recognized by International Designer Canine Registry and Dog Registry of America, Inc and American Canines Hybrid Club.

Physically, this breed has solid and sturdy builds and is categorized into medium sized dog. This breed owns look which is broad between the ears that hang down and on the overall the skull looks dome shaped. They usually have black and brown feathered shaped eyes. This breed can live up to 12 to 15 years. They have 13 to 24 inches in height and 60 to 80 pounds in weight. The ideal Sheepadoodle is well proportioned, strong and muscular. For colors, this breed mainly comes in black or black and white. Often, the black color will fade to gray or gray and white and it is the same to the Old English Sheepdog. Occasionally, this breed is born with a lot of white or nearly all white. If you wonder about their temperament, you have to know that this dog is sweet, happy, affectionate, gentle and silly as well. Besides, they are also highly smart and loyal.

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If you live in Washington and then you have a plan to have this adorable Sheepadoodle, you can come to the local breeder near your residence. One of the breeder which is available in Washington is Briarwood. There, you can find Standard Sheepadoodle puppies for $1900 with 60 to 80 pounds at adulthood, but if you want to have a sable or blue eyed Standard Sheepadoodles, you can get it for $2500. If you expect for having a Miniature Sheepadoodle puppies, you can get it for $1900 with 45 to 55 pounds at adulthood. But, if you want a sable miniature Sheepadoodles, you can get it for $2400. Then, a blue eyed or merle miniature sheepadoodle is also priced $2400. Besides, they also provide F1B Miniature Sheepadoodles that you can get for $2200. The puppies are similar size as the regular F1 Mini Sheepadoodles. If you want to have F1B Sable or Blue Eyed Or even Merle Sheepadoodles, you can get it for $2900. How about Micro Sheepadoodles? You can get it for $2900. If you want it in merle or blue eyed, you can get it for $3400. If you are interested, you can visit them in Washington DC Metro Area. Besides, they are also available in the other areas such as Virginia, Maryland, Northern Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Connecticut and Kentucky.

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