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Have you seen a Sheepadoodle? Well, this dog is a mixed breed that result from a pairing between the Poodle (standard) and the Old English Sheepdog. He is a medium to large dog that can live up to 15 years. This dog is also known to be called as Sheepdogpoo, Sheepdogdoodle, and Sheepapoo. He is sweet, calm and well behaved family dog who is very affectionate and loving. Besides, he is also eager to please and needs a lot of exercise and attention though. It is also not easy to groom and control his coat. However, he can make you smile every day and can be very well behaved and very rewarding to own. So, if you are interested in having this breed but in an adult version, you need to look for available Sheepadoodles adult for sale. You can start searching in the internet about the breeder that is near with your house. Alternatively, you can also try to look for a breeder near your house by asking your neighbor or you can try to stroll around your house perhaps there is a breeder but you never notice during this time.

If you think of having a Sheepadoodle puppy, it means you have to be ready for spending some money for buying it. The average price of the same sized breeds is about $1,043. If you decide to adopt, you can expect adoption fees to cost about $175. However, there will be different prices of this kind of puppy because of different types.

  • Mini Sheepadoodle puppies cost $1900.00
  • Micro Sheepadoodle puppies cost $2200.00
  • Mini Tri Color Sheepadoodle puppies cost $2200.00
  • Silver Sheepadoodle puppies cost $1800.00
  • Small Standard Sheepadoodle puppies cost $1500.00
  • Standard Sheepadoodle puppies cost $1500.00
  • Standard Sheepadoodle Tri Color puppies cost $1800.00

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This dog is popular because of his looks and temperament so that makes the price a little bit higher than some other designer dogs. You need to give him a crate, collar and leash, spaying when old enough, shots, chipping, deworming and blood tests and the cost ranges between $450 and $500. Then, you also have to prepare about $485 to $600 for yearly medical costs such as check ups, pet insurance, flea prevention and vaccinations. The other costs must also be prepared by you for things like food, treats, professional grooming, toys, training and license which range between $920 to $1000.

If you want to adopt an adult Sheepadoodle, you can come to a dog rescue. If you want to buy a Sheepadoodle puppy and you are looking for Sheepadoodle puppies for sale Ohio, you can look for some local breeder in the internet. Here, we have some Sheepadoodle puppy breeders in Ohio. You can try to contact them.

  1. Sweet Sheepadoodle. It is located in Ashland, Ohio, and you can contact them via phone at (419) 606-0641 or email to
  2. Brewer’s Goldendoodles. It is located in Sardinia, Ohio, and you can contact them via phone at (937) 446-4516 or email to
  3. Angel Breeze Puppies. It is located in Fresno, Ohio, and you can contact them via phone at 740-545-5047 or email to

So, you can contact them now and make sure that you ask many things relating to the puppy that you will buy.

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  1. Looking for male mini sheepadoodle over age of one….under 30 lbs. We’ve previously owed 4 pure breed Old English Sheepdogs over the past few decades.

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