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If you are looking a cute pet for being your friend, a sheepadoodle can be your good choice. I is because sheepadoodles are generally very friendly, healthier, intelligent, and easier to train. The breed that is a result from a crossbreed between Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle, is also non-shedding. Besides, they are also known for being outstanding with kids and they are also able to be friendly to the other animals. The most sheepadoodle owners love their dog so much and they swear that they will never have another non-doodle dog.

If we decide to have a pet, one of the things that we will think is about the price. If you want to know about Sheepadoodle cost UK, in Pet 4 Homes, you will find a sheepadoodle that costs £550. Well, the price of sheepadoodle puppy will be different depending on the types of the breed.

  • Micro Sheepadoodle puppies cost $2200.00.
  • Mini Sheepadoodle puppies cost $1900.00.
  • Mini Tri Color Sheepadoodle puppies cost $2200.00.
  • Small Standard Sheepadoodle puppies cost $1500.00.
  • Silver Sheepadoodle puppies cost $1800.00.
  • Standard Sheepadoodle puppies cost $1500.00.
  • Standard Sheepadoodle Tri Color puppies cost $1800.00.

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As we can see that the price of sheepadoodle is not only determined by their type or size, but also their looks especially the color of their coat. Tri color sheepadoodle is a little bit more expensive than the other color because it has more colors that makes it more beautiful. If you mind buying a sheepadoole in those price, you can go to a dog rescue to adopt a sheepadoodle. If you are lucky, you can find a beautiful sheepadoodle there. Nowadays, adopting a dog in a dog rescue not really free. You will be required some money for buying maintenance service during the dog live in the rescue. However, you do not be worried, because the cost will be cheap. Generally, it is about $175. If you live in India and you want to know about the Sheepadoodle cost in India, you are able to look for online breeders or community of sheepadoodle. Alternatively, you are able to look for some local breeders near your house.

When you are very sure that you will buy one, you also need to think about their care. Your dog will need a crate, spaying when they are old enough, collar and leash, chipping, shots, blood test and deworming. These cares will require about $450 to $500. Then, you also have to think about their medical cost per year that is about $485 to $600. Some medical care that he will do such as pet insurance, check up, vaccinations and flea prevention. The other costs such as for buying food, toys, professional grooming, treats, license and training which ranges between $920 to $1000 also must be thought by you. Okay, if you are now looking for Sheepadoodle for sale and you are sure that you want to have one, you can buy it in a responsible breeder. Then, after you have it, take care it well. Make sure that you often read about sheepadoodle to make you more understand how to take care them well. This site can be your main source to read about your dog especially Sheepadoodle.

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