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Have you heard about Sheepadoodle? Well, Sheepadoodle is a dog breed between Sheepdog and Poodle. A canine cross-breed purposed to get on a one dog the most sought-after traits from each parent, but unfortunately genetics are not as simple as we think. In the case of the Sheepadoodle, breeders expect to replicate the best qualities of the Old English Sheepdog and a Standard Poodle. When your Sheepadoodle is grown up, perhaps you are curious how he will be. So, let’s take a look at the dimensions of his parent to get a reasonable estimate of Sheepadoodle proportions.

Standard poodles can be about 65 pounds in weight and 21 inches in height. Old English Sheepdogs can be about 2 feet in height. Males can reach almost 22 inches-plus and females can reach 21 inches in height. These big dogs carry a good amount of weight on their frame with anything between 60 to 100 pounds the norm. So, a standard Sheepadoodle can reach anywhere within these ranges.


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Well, after we know about their size, perhaps some of you now have a plan to adopt a Sheepadoodle. You are able to adopt a Sheepadoodle via dog rescue if you think that by buying them will spend high purchase price. You are able to look for a local mini Sheepadoodle rescue near your house. You are also able to find Sheepadoodle rescue organizations and groups online, even though you will not receive the type of in-depth information regarding the parents as you would from a responsible breeder. It is also possible that the rescue dog was subject to several traumatizing conditions prior to being rescued. So, you have to be ready for training, re-training or living with unpredictable behavioral results if this was the case. However, a dog that is adopted do not always own problems, but they might and can be ingrained. If you have a lot of time and love to give , you can do a wonderful thing by giving a homeless dog a place to lay their head.

Some of Sheepadoodle rescue organizations in the U.S. are Midwest Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Southern California, New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue Inc, Old English Sheepdog Southwest Rescue and Old English Sheepdog Rescue of MI. You can also discover the other dog rescue organizations on Petfinder such as Carolina’s Old English Sheepdog Rescue and Midwest Old English Sheepdog Rescue. Besides, you are able to adopt a dog in these dog rescue, you can also hand over your Sheepadoodle to these dog rescue. For example, you have a Sheepadoodle, but now you no longer take care your Sheepadoodle because you are busy or even you have another dog. Instead of neglecting the dog which can make him change his behavior to be bad, it is better if you hand over your dog to the dog rescue. The Sheepadoodle rescue dogs in the dog rescue will be taken care well. Or perhaps you want to move and your new residence is not possible to keep a dog, you can also hand over him to a dog rescue.

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  1. We are interested in a Sheepadoodle as a companion to our 4.5 year old Goldendoodle. We have been looking for local or close proximity Sheepadoodle breeders. We have always considered adopting a rescue pet.

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