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When we decide to keep a dog at our house, a lot of things that we have to think such as their full grown size, care, food, health, training, and also temperament. It is important to know their temperament because once we did bad thing to our dog it can make the dog change their behavior. For example, if we are not consistent on giving commands to them, it can make them confused. Then, if we often leave them alone in long periods of time, it can make them destructive.

Well, how about the temperament of Sheepadoodle? What are Sheepadoodle good and bad? The personality of Sheepadoodle will be influenced by the genetic makeup the Old English Sheepdog and the Poodle. In an ideal world, every cross breed should express the very best qualities of each parent, in a fact, it never happens. To know the temperament of a Sheepadoodle, we have to take a look at the temperaments of the Sheepdog and the Poodle, as their parents, to get an insight into the potential Sheepadoodle temperament. The Old English Sheepdog has gentle nature and good adaptability. The big breed can be a mellow housedog, but he is a big boy who can enjoy exploring and regular walks. They also enjoy being included in family time. Together with the Poodle, they also can do well with kids provided that they are socialized and trained early. They do not like being separated from their owners and if you do that, they can be destructive. Same as Poodle, they are also fast learner and an obedient dog. Then, Poodles are intelligent and highly trainable. They like pleasing their owners and retain an alert sensitivity that means they will tell you when strangers approach. They also have a reputation for being high strung, but as a matter of fact they have naturally low levels of aggressions.

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So, how about the temperament of Sheepadoodles? The most owners of Sheepadoodle describe about Sheepadoodle facts. They describe that Sheepadoodles are playful, sociable, loyal, energetic, people-oriented and showing a sweet disposition. They are also highly intelligent so that early training will help tame his sometimes boisterous energy. They like being part of a family and it can make them a wonderful companion dog. Same as the other breeds of dog, they do not like being left for long periods of time. So, family members who like staying at home or regular dog walker will make the ideal home environment for this breed. Sheepadoodles are also not excessive barkers and they will love all people and also the other animals as a general rule. They particularly love kids and make delightful amazing family pets.

You are able to increase your chance of a good natured dog by socializing them when they are young. You can take your new puppy somewhere new regularly. You need to have visitors every day and make sure that your Sheepadoodle meet a range of people, particularly children. The socialization window can be done from 8 weeks to 14 weeks and after that rapidly closes. Never miss this chance to get your puppy happy with a lot of types of people coming and going.

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